22 October 2009

Smiling beauty

… and when she laughed at the joke made by the TV anchor, which was a kind of joke that needs a good sense of humor to quickly understand it, I saw her glittering eyes and pinkish pretty lips and a little dimple on her cheek and I thought she looks more beautiful when she laughs ...

… and now I think, she is one of those people whom I did know and those who look beautiful when they smile … and I am always jealous of them because I know I look ugly when I open my mouth to express a big laugh, which I generally avoid … 

... but I wasn't jealous when I saw her laughing … and how could I even thought of being jealous when such a charming beauty was sitting next to me … I was thoughtless, totally blank, just watching her laugh!!!

... and I met finally (or firstly) with a girl having a good sense of humor … which I believe I have ... Now don't say - a good joke...

Read next part of the story - "Arahana": Why not girls first? 

10 October 2009

i-Shayar - 1


किससे दिल के जख्मोंपर मरहम लगायें,
ये दुनिया तो हाथोमे नमक लिए बैठी है!


जिनकी तबियत
आवाज़ से ही समझ जाते है हम,
जाने उन्हें कब हमारे दिल की
तबियत समझ आयेगी.

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