25 October 2010

When I think of you

When I think of you I see you standing in front of me, your eyes closed, waiting for me to kiss you. And I do not kiss you, I wait for you to open your eyes, and when you do, I smile at you and suddenly tears roll down your face and you cry. You say, “don’t do this again, don’t keep me waiting, don’t cheat on me, and don’t leave me alone. I need you, I need you”. You hugged me and asked, “Will you ever leave me for someone else??” I find myself drying your tears and asking, “Why would I leave such a beautiful angel who loves me so much, who can’t leave without me?? Why are you asking me such a stupid question?” Tears roll down my face too. And then we hug each other and pull apart after some time.We kissed madly for hours and cuddled.

When I think of you, I see you cooking in the kitchen- crying again. But this time it was because of onions. I look at you and laugh. You give me an angry look. I enter your kitchen silently, hug you from behind, kiss you on the neck. You make a fake attempt to escape my arms. I make tea for us and you sit on the kitchen slab. You look at me, wink at me, blow me kisses. I catch them, some on my lips, some on my cheeks, some with my hand and add them to my tea. A cold winter night and the two of us drinking hot, steaming tea, sitting in one chair, exchanging tea-cups after every sip. And after some time we have dinner. We eat on the same plate. I remember sharing everything with you.

When I think of you...

15 October 2010

Why ???

When you are in a relationship, you always have extreme feelings:

"One day you think you are the HAPPIEST person in the world & next day you are with the feelings that you can’t be happy again.

One day you are the LUCKIEST person in the world & next day you think you never know what luck is.

One day you are the OPTIMIST, who thinks he/she can do anything to make her/him happy & next day you are the one who thinks nothing is possible."

What happens in between these two days? Why it happens? Why our feelings, emotions reach to such an extreme level? Why???

06 October 2010

A Night Walk To Remember !!! 'Love In The Air'

Hold my hands sweety its damn cold…

Yup m holding it n ya itz damn cold… Thanks sweetheart… muahaaa


Is that a pendant u wearing? Its glittering n looks beautiful on you… and talk with me sweety… don't keep silence…

How sweet wel dtz pendant, itz written om I mean d symbol OM…. N yeah m talking 2 u sweetheart go ahead

So what you think of me??

I think a lot about you, you are sweet, cute, happy go lucky and darling 2 me… u have become the most important part of my life. When all say people need oxygen 2 live; for me, u r enough!!

Thanks… I love you honey… so now your parents know about me na??

No mum n dad know that we are frndz but they don't know we talk so much and you are d first guy I txt n contact this much.

Hmmmm Ok I am d lucky boy… So wat u wearing for tomorrow's function…

Yup... you are… wat should I wear? N why are still walking? Can we sit? My legs paining…

OK, you continue… Jeans n top…???

No, I am thinking of wearing Punjabi-dress.

Good … hey, ice-cream or coffee???


Bhaiya, 2 kaju-pista or mango ”

No!!! I want chocky ~~~~

Cool down girl… don’t scream… you will get chocky….!!! First, tell how is life going??

Fine hai, but now I don’t know how it is going 2 be after college restarts….how is yours honey?

Bindas as usual…

Really … can I pull ur cheek?


He he that was fun… well, now what you think of me?

I only think of you … you are my oxygen too… I just want to be with you all the time…N never ever leave you…kissy for you

Thank a lot…muahaha 2 u also… I don't even feel v were totally unknown few months b4!

Hmm, so you coming to my place or should I…??

Anything will do…I will cm 2 your place!

OK fine…..Here we are. This is my tinny- tiny room…..

Luv yuuuuuuuu, it was gud wid u 2day actually it was amazing! A hug 4 u…


f9 sweetheart good night and wake me up in d morning n don’t leave me in d night…

I won’t !!! And sleep early I want to see how angels look in beauty sleep...

Awww honey… I'm not in mood to sleep… But I should really sleep now…come here, hug me!

Don’t you try to escape this hug…

Yup, i am in your arms n kissing you….
Now sleep honey! We should stop texting now… Mom is calling me out.. Tc luv u…

Love you too… good night princess…

There is nothing great about this conversation EXCEPT it took place via text message on cell phone…

"Love In The Air"

12 August 2010

Random Thoughts - 2

music and beats
coffee and tea
my PC and net
the cell phone and contacts

green trees and leaves
blue sky and the water
the fog and mild rains

children and innocence

the ideas and theories
all cartoons tom and jerry
bday cakes and cherry

memories and tears
pieces and pairs
broken toys and hearts
the packages and parts

one earphone two heads
pink roses and some reds

her touch and hug
n things I miss
first lip lock kiss

my love my life
n my dad's lovely wife
my brothers and sisters

the principles and values
all letters and numbers
the passages and chambers

the laughter, silly jokes
the pings and pokes

the dimples and smiles
getting 'fida' in a while

love stories and affairs
the colors and brushes
her 85 crushes

13 July 2010

Random Thoughts - One

I was always excited about coming to Pune for studying and coming back to Pune from home after vacations but I am not excited this time. It is not because I have to come here and get back to work again but I got a very little time to be with my family. I went home after three and half months and I had to come back within three days. From the past year itself, I am getting a treatment like a guest at my own home which is quite awkward and strange feeling. Because even if I go there after a period of four or six months I feel like I was there a week ago and it is because I have spent sixteen years of my life there. I am really upset today and missing badly my mom and everybody from my family for the very first time in past six years.

I went home with my cousin by train. I did half of my journey standing in the door of railway bogie. Rather I had to stand because I had no reservation. The scenery was awesome; everything was green, my favorite color, and the color of nature. On the way, I saw streams of water in the farms, green trees, bullock carts, children playing around their homes, small hills and many little bridges. When I reached the station, my other cousin came to pick me up. When I was going home with my cousin on his bike, one butterfly bumped on my forehead and another one on my left hand. And the silence I felt when I keep my first feet on the ground when I reached my place was just amazing. I felt I was thousand of miles away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city.

Everyone is saying that your engineering has completed and now no more learning and no more exams but it has not ended; it has just begun. Learning is a constant process that everyone has to follow to be steady in the race and stay updated with the latest technology. It’s fun actually. The theory has ended but not the practicals, they have just begun. Quite funny but true, ”My knowledge of web designing that I gained in the past three years helped me only on the first day of my job. On the second day at work, I was totally blank – ‘What to do now?’. I had to start learning new things and keep on coding and start experimenting new things.

07 April 2010

Miss you more

Every day I wake up to find you are not with me. The very first thing I do every morning is to quickly remind if I had any dream about you and I often get the answer is 'YES'. Then I think about how difficult my life is and how difficult it would be without you. Then I promise myself to keep the promise I made to you - 'To forget you'. But the more I try to forget you, the more I remember you. I miss you more.

"Our relationship was too tender. The bridge we built was not strong. We separated for a reason and as long as that reason exists, we won't get together again." Whatever may be the clauses you said, I saw your face and got the courage to fight back this world again. I got my liveliness back. I will get you back very soon. Miss you a lot my honey.

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11 March 2010

My four years of Engineering

1. Read this as fast as you can and you will understand it well and like it more. 
2. Assume suitable prepositions, articles and missing words. 
3. As far as possible I tried to cover all points but some may be missing.  

FIRST YEAR – 'get into':
First CAP round, First Engineering College, First entry in the office, First first semester, First day, First classroom, First bench, First classmate, First introduction to class, First lecture, First practical, First assignment, First day at hostel, First meal at mess, First call to Mom, First TG meet, First unit test, First re-test, First re-re-test, First re-re-re test, First phone call to home from college by college staff, First college gathering, First Sinhgad Karandak, First prelim exam, First re-prelim, First submission, First term grant certificate, First Hall ticket, First semester exam, First paper, First not fully attempted paper, First vacation after exam, First second semester, First result, First first class, First celebration, First appearance on a TV show, First OMS friend, First friend from other college, First girl friend not girlfriend, First SMS, First encounter with engineering enemies Mechanics and Graphics!

SECOND YEAR – 'get socialized':
First same branch friend, First best friend, First Orkut scrap to classmate, First chat with classmate, First offered lift, First successful common off, First HOD warning, First trip to Sinhgad, First visit to Khadakwasala, First computer lab, First practical, First HELLO WORLD program, First assignment, First introduction to 'COPY & PASTE engineering', First semester without math-the-killer, First encounter with externals, First oral exam, First practical exam, First Facebook account, First Facebook friend, First party at Poona Bakery, First online SMS group , First participation in technical events at other colleges, First traditional day, First mismatch day!

THIRD YEAR – 'get personalized':
First close friend, First close friends group, First Mc-D party, First college magazine I worked for, First Invigor and Textravaganza I worked for, First mini project, First project partner, First project report, First Valentine's day, First proposal, First girlfriend, First Kiss, First birthday celebration, First movie at Inox, First blog, First fight with close friends, First break up, First silent war, First shaded tear, First backlog - 'got a pack of 2', First re-evaluation form, First reval result, First seminar and presentation I presented, First TnP session I attended, First wedding at my home I missed!

FOURTH YEAR – 'get personally socialized and socially personalized':
First mega project, First company sponsored project, First visit to Mulashi and Panshet dam, First appearance on defaulter's list, First Facebook group, First Facebook page, First appearance on @Twitter, First #tweet, First reunion with close friends, First successful try of getting back my love, First non-veg party, First video upload on YouTube, First company aptitude test, First GD, First HR interview, First technical interview, First rejection, First rejection cycle, First horror day, First red and black day, First project presentation, First project report, First project demo, First Farewell party, 
and my LAST day at college!

**My four years of Engineering at SKNCOE - Sinhgad College of Engineering,  Pune University

28 January 2010

The one with flashback

Now, someone has asked, on Facebook, ”Why do people write their relationship status as 'IT’S COMPLICATED'?” Well I don't know about others but I think they write so because it involves more than one person (off course other than you). And I have not formed this opinion after watching Himesh’s movie “Radio”. But maybe because its true to a large extent in my case. I don't know how did I came into such a dilemma. It all started with me and Jene. Sometime back from now me and Jene were in a special bond & that was the time when I couldn't have lived a long without talking to her, meeting her & spending the most beautiful time of my life with her. I don't remember how we felled into love for each other. What I vividly remember is she had a nervous breakdown, because she just had a break up with her x-boyfriend. And I helped her a lot to get out of her depression. Rather, she was on the verge of committing a suicide at that time. And it was not because she was breaking with him but because she had suffered a lot in that relationship and wasn't able concentrate on her studies and board exams were approaching. But, thank God, she called me to for the last time (as she told me afterwards). I was taking a bath at that time, and, only I & the almighty God know how I managed to stop her from doing such a foolish act. That was the most stressful day of my life and I was thanking God for choosing me to prevent her from doing the stupid mistake. And that is the most beautiful thing I have ever done. 

When I remember this, I remember I was standing on the terrace at her house waiting for her to come, and, I was confident enough to say she was coming back to home without having any second thoughts of finishing her life. But still I was a little nervous, rather a lot nervous. My whole body was experiencing the heartbeats. I was having a slight fever and the temperature was increasing as the day was reaching its end and evening was about to arrive. Suddenly, I sensed someone’s footsteps on the staircase. I was turning back to look who it was and there she came with a gloomy face, red eyes, she was wearing a blue sleeveless top and blue jeans. She came running and hugged me tightly. She was crying, she was crying a lot and shedding the tears. I hadn't seen anyone crying before, so closely and so intensely. I didn't say a word for a while. Then she tried to look into my eyes but she couldn’t. And she started crying again and hugged me again. After a minute or a half she separated herself and started speaking….”I am sorry…I…” I interrupted her and said to her that she didn't need to explain anything to me at that time. I tried to clean her shaded tears, held her close to me and kissed her into her hairs. I said to her that was OK, and I was there for her support only. I asked her to discuss the things after the dinner and that was after almost 3-4 hours. I made her mind to get fresh and have some cups of coffee and not to talk about the whole drama that has happened. I wasn't interested in letting her tell me the whole thing just then and make her cry again. I wasn't willing to see even a drop of the tears in her eyes. I was happy because she didn't perform any foolish act as she was telling me over the phone. I was happy because she was alive and she was with me. She was resting her head on my thighs and I was gently pressing her head and moving my fingers in her curly hairs. “Thanks…” she said in a very soft crying voice. “ Shuuuu…” I said, ”…you are looking fat in this dress”, I continued and I saw one more drop of tear gusting from her eyes and OMG there was a little dimple too ! “You are stupid…”, she said and she gently pressed my hand against her wet cheeks. And then tears were in my eyes too…She did noticed it and said, “Do I really look fat? I won't wear the sleeveless again”. 

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21 January 2010

Why not girls first?

...why am I finding life too hard to live with now? From the very first breath of the day to the last one, whether  I am awake or asleep and even in my dreams, I think about her and only her these days. I am afraid, that at any moment she will come and sit next to me and I tell her that I like her, how much and how madly I love her - without letting her settle down or express herself (assuming that she has had a thought of "us" together at least a single time). I am afraid...

...I am afraid of losing her when she is not even mine. I am afraid of her leaving me even though we are not together. I am afraid because I don’t know if this is the right time or not. I don't know why I am thinking about her so much. I just know that I love her...

...Sometimes I think I was better alone, I don't mean I am not single anymore but I am in love with her now and I don't know about her feelings about me. Why did I fall in love with her? Why? But, she must be knowing my feelings about her. I must tell her as soon as possible. But, why do boys need to express their feelings first? Why not 'ladies first' rule here? Aren't girls afraid of losing the boys who love them the most? Why don't they speak up first...

...Suddenly I felt someone gently touching my shoulder. It was Arahana.
"I need to talk to you," she said.

Why not girls first?

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