11 March 2010

My four years of Engineering

1. Read this as fast as you can and you will understand it well and like it more. 
2. Assume suitable prepositions, articles and missing words. 
3. As far as possible I tried to cover all points but some may be missing.  

FIRST YEAR – 'get into':
First CAP round, First Engineering College, First entry in the office, First first semester, First day, First classroom, First bench, First classmate, First introduction to class, First lecture, First practical, First assignment, First day at hostel, First meal at mess, First call to Mom, First TG meet, First unit test, First re-test, First re-re-test, First re-re-re test, First phone call to home from college by college staff, First college gathering, First Sinhgad Karandak, First prelim exam, First re-prelim, First submission, First term grant certificate, First Hall ticket, First semester exam, First paper, First not fully attempted paper, First vacation after exam, First second semester, First result, First first class, First celebration, First appearance on a TV show, First OMS friend, First friend from other college, First girl friend not girlfriend, First SMS, First encounter with engineering enemies Mechanics and Graphics!

SECOND YEAR – 'get socialized':
First same branch friend, First best friend, First Orkut scrap to classmate, First chat with classmate, First offered lift, First successful common off, First HOD warning, First trip to Sinhgad, First visit to Khadakwasala, First computer lab, First practical, First HELLO WORLD program, First assignment, First introduction to 'COPY & PASTE engineering', First semester without math-the-killer, First encounter with externals, First oral exam, First practical exam, First Facebook account, First Facebook friend, First party at Poona Bakery, First online SMS group , First participation in technical events at other colleges, First traditional day, First mismatch day!

THIRD YEAR – 'get personalized':
First close friend, First close friends group, First Mc-D party, First college magazine I worked for, First Invigor and Textravaganza I worked for, First mini project, First project partner, First project report, First Valentine's day, First proposal, First girlfriend, First Kiss, First birthday celebration, First movie at Inox, First blog, First fight with close friends, First break up, First silent war, First shaded tear, First backlog - 'got a pack of 2', First re-evaluation form, First reval result, First seminar and presentation I presented, First TnP session I attended, First wedding at my home I missed!

FOURTH YEAR – 'get personally socialized and socially personalized':
First mega project, First company sponsored project, First visit to Mulashi and Panshet dam, First appearance on defaulter's list, First Facebook group, First Facebook page, First appearance on @Twitter, First #tweet, First reunion with close friends, First successful try of getting back my love, First non-veg party, First video upload on YouTube, First company aptitude test, First GD, First HR interview, First technical interview, First rejection, First rejection cycle, First horror day, First red and black day, First project presentation, First project report, First project demo, First Farewell party, 
and my LAST day at college!

**My four years of Engineering at SKNCOE - Sinhgad College of Engineering,  Pune University
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