13 July 2010

Random Thoughts - One

I was always excited about coming to Pune for studying and coming back to Pune from home after vacations but I am not excited this time. It is not because I have to come here and get back to work again but I got a very little time to be with my family. I went home after three and half months and I had to come back within three days. From the past year itself, I am getting a treatment like a guest at my own home which is quite awkward and strange feeling. Because even if I go there after a period of four or six months I feel like I was there a week ago and it is because I have spent sixteen years of my life there. I am really upset today and missing badly my mom and everybody from my family for the very first time in past six years.

I went home with my cousin by train. I did half of my journey standing in the door of railway bogie. Rather I had to stand because I had no reservation. The scenery was awesome; everything was green, my favorite color, and the color of nature. On the way, I saw streams of water in the farms, green trees, bullock carts, children playing around their homes, small hills and many little bridges. When I reached the station, my other cousin came to pick me up. When I was going home with my cousin on his bike, one butterfly bumped on my forehead and another one on my left hand. And the silence I felt when I keep my first feet on the ground when I reached my place was just amazing. I felt I was thousand of miles away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city.

Everyone is saying that your engineering has completed and now no more learning and no more exams but it has not ended; it has just begun. Learning is a constant process that everyone has to follow to be steady in the race and stay updated with the latest technology. It’s fun actually. The theory has ended but not the practicals, they have just begun. Quite funny but true, ”My knowledge of web designing that I gained in the past three years helped me only on the first day of my job. On the second day at work, I was totally blank – ‘What to do now?’. I had to start learning new things and keep on coding and start experimenting new things.

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