12 August 2010

Random Thoughts - 2

music and beats
coffee and tea
my PC and net
the cell phone and contacts

green trees and leaves
blue sky and the water
the fog and mild rains

children and innocence

the ideas and theories
all cartoons tom and jerry
bday cakes and cherry

memories and tears
pieces and pairs
broken toys and hearts
the packages and parts

one earphone two heads
pink roses and some reds

her touch and hug
n things I miss
first lip lock kiss

my love my life
n my dad's lovely wife
my brothers and sisters

the principles and values
all letters and numbers
the passages and chambers

the laughter, silly jokes
the pings and pokes

the dimples and smiles
getting 'fida' in a while

love stories and affairs
the colors and brushes
her 85 crushes
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