25 October 2010

When I think of you

When I think of you I see you standing in front of me, your eyes closed, waiting for me to kiss you. And I do not kiss you, I wait for you to open your eyes, and when you do, I smile at you and suddenly tears roll down your face and you cry. You say, “don’t do this again, don’t keep me waiting, don’t cheat on me, and don’t leave me alone. I need you, I need you”. You hugged me and asked, “Will you ever leave me for someone else??” I find myself drying your tears and asking, “Why would I leave such a beautiful angel who loves me so much, who can’t leave without me?? Why are you asking me such a stupid question?” Tears roll down my face too. And then we hug each other and pull apart after some time.We kissed madly for hours and cuddled.

When I think of you, I see you cooking in the kitchen- crying again. But this time it was because of onions. I look at you and laugh. You give me an angry look. I enter your kitchen silently, hug you from behind, kiss you on the neck. You make a fake attempt to escape my arms. I make tea for us and you sit on the kitchen slab. You look at me, wink at me, blow me kisses. I catch them, some on my lips, some on my cheeks, some with my hand and add them to my tea. A cold winter night and the two of us drinking hot, steaming tea, sitting in one chair, exchanging tea-cups after every sip. And after some time we have dinner. We eat on the same plate. I remember sharing everything with you.

When I think of you...

15 October 2010

Why ???

When you are in a relationship, you always have extreme feelings:

"One day you think you are the HAPPIEST person in the world & next day you are with the feelings that you can’t be happy again.

One day you are the LUCKIEST person in the world & next day you think you never know what luck is.

One day you are the OPTIMIST, who thinks he/she can do anything to make her/him happy & next day you are the one who thinks nothing is possible."

What happens in between these two days? Why it happens? Why our feelings, emotions reach to such an extreme level? Why???

06 October 2010

A Night Walk To Remember !!! 'Love In The Air'

Hold my hands sweety its damn cold…

Yup m holding it n ya itz damn cold… Thanks sweetheart… muahaaa


Is that a pendant u wearing? Its glittering n looks beautiful on you… and talk with me sweety… don't keep silence…

How sweet wel dtz pendant, itz written om I mean d symbol OM…. N yeah m talking 2 u sweetheart go ahead

So what you think of me??

I think a lot about you, you are sweet, cute, happy go lucky and darling 2 me… u have become the most important part of my life. When all say people need oxygen 2 live; for me, u r enough!!

Thanks… I love you honey… so now your parents know about me na??

No mum n dad know that we are frndz but they don't know we talk so much and you are d first guy I txt n contact this much.

Hmmmm Ok I am d lucky boy… So wat u wearing for tomorrow's function…

Yup... you are… wat should I wear? N why are still walking? Can we sit? My legs paining…

OK, you continue… Jeans n top…???

No, I am thinking of wearing Punjabi-dress.

Good … hey, ice-cream or coffee???


Bhaiya, 2 kaju-pista or mango ”

No!!! I want chocky ~~~~

Cool down girl… don’t scream… you will get chocky….!!! First, tell how is life going??

Fine hai, but now I don’t know how it is going 2 be after college restarts….how is yours honey?

Bindas as usual…

Really … can I pull ur cheek?


He he that was fun… well, now what you think of me?

I only think of you … you are my oxygen too… I just want to be with you all the time…N never ever leave you…kissy for you

Thank a lot…muahaha 2 u also… I don't even feel v were totally unknown few months b4!

Hmm, so you coming to my place or should I…??

Anything will do…I will cm 2 your place!

OK fine…..Here we are. This is my tinny- tiny room…..

Luv yuuuuuuuu, it was gud wid u 2day actually it was amazing! A hug 4 u…


f9 sweetheart good night and wake me up in d morning n don’t leave me in d night…

I won’t !!! And sleep early I want to see how angels look in beauty sleep...

Awww honey… I'm not in mood to sleep… But I should really sleep now…come here, hug me!

Don’t you try to escape this hug…

Yup, i am in your arms n kissing you….
Now sleep honey! We should stop texting now… Mom is calling me out.. Tc luv u…

Love you too… good night princess…

There is nothing great about this conversation EXCEPT it took place via text message on cell phone…

"Love In The Air"
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