01 February 2011

पता नहीं

तेरे जाने की वजह पता नहीं
आँखें नम है क्यूँ पता नहीं
क्यूँ है दूरी ये पता नहीं
क्यूँ खपा हो तुम पता नहीं

अश्क कब रुकेंगे पता नहीं
हम कब टूटेंगे पता नहीं
क्या होगा बहाना पता नहीं
दिल का हाल जताना पता नहीं

कब ख़तम होगी रात पता नहीं
कब आएगी सुबह पता नहीं
है दिल में लाखो सवाल
जवाब जिनका पता नहीं

कब उल्ज़ी ज़िन्दगी ऐसे पता नहीं
कौनसी राह है आगे पता नहीं
किसको छोड़ा पीछे हमने पता नहीं
क्या है सही हममे पता नहीं
क्यूँ है हम गलत पता नहीं

The first dream

I daydream a lot!! Especially when it comes to her. When I first saw her after nine years - she was quite a grew up - fair, short hairs, medium build, and a pretty smile; all just sounding perfect. And, “mere dimag me ghanti baji“ - she can be my life-partner and I thought I am so gonna marry her. I used to think a lot about her and I am still thinking about her. But I never had a dream about her or involving her.

I remember every night I go to bed thinking about her. I had many dreams about random people, about I worked in a Hollywood movie (that too with Avril Lavigne, who is a singer not an actress), about my show on TV, about I am being a CEO of an IT company, about a secret entry passage to Kashmir valley from my hometown, about I am inspecting the mummies in the pyramids and about a lot of crazy stuff. But I never had a dream about her or that involved her.

One day I was cleaning my house at around eleven in the morning. I was keeping all the messed up things in their right places. Suddenly, of nothing, my sister shouted, “Brother, bhabhi is coming...". I was puzzled for a while. I asked, “Who is coming?”
“It's Arahana brother.” She said.
I looked out from the window and there she was coming, in a white and pink Punjabi dress. I tried to wrap up things fastly. She was almost two hundred meters away from the house. After some time I heard her talking with my sister. Then she entered our house. I welcomed her, gave her a glass of cold water. She smiled at me, came closer to me, took my hand in her hand and said, “Sorry, I know I am late. It's because no one was free at home to drop me here, so I had to come by bus.” She continued talking and saying sorry to me, I did not say a single word to her. I was feeling her tender touch. She was looking charming, pretty and cute, I was wishing the earth to stand still, the moment to freeze. She kept on saying sorry and I didn't even listen to her who was explaining her reasons for being late. I was looking at her. She was looking just so pretty.
Then she separated her hand from my hand, put down the glass of water and said, “How many times I have told you to wear a hanky or something on the face while cleaning the house or things. You never listen, now you will start sneezing.”
I interrupted her and said “Shuuuuuuuuu”. She came closer and I hugged her, the background music started and there I went! I sneezed in her hairs and then I sneezed five times in a row. She was looking at me. I sneezed again, louder!

The dream ended. I woke up. I looked around, everyone was sleeping, she wasn't there! Was I really dreaming? "Oh my God! I just had a dream about her and I think we were a married couple in that dream! Wow!! What a start!!!" But wait a minute, I don't have any sister...

On the very next morning-
“Dad, do I have a sister?”

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