08 March 2011

Tryst with destiny


7 AM...a bus-stop in Pune...the daily crowd as usual...college students and people doing jobs...everyone in hurry...all waiting for the bus...everyone with a question mark on a face and some wrinkles on the forehead...everyone looking at the horizon from where the buses come...
I got a seat. A window seat. It was Saturday, less crowd, almost everyone got a place to sit. The seat next to mine was empty. I plugged in the earphones and started listening to my favorite songs collection. Music makes you forget all your worries, pains and takes you to the totally different world.
The driver applied brakes at one stop. JERK! Some people got off the bus and some got in. A girl came and sat on the empty seat next to me. I was looking outside through the window...the window glasses were covered partially with dust. 
Some minutes passed, and I heard someone screaming on the phone...
....holy sh*t! It was the same girl sitting next to me, screaming on phone. I lowered down music volume to hear what and why she was talking so loud on the phone. What was there in the Pandora's box?
"Goto hell...I have told you hundreds of time...I don't want to be with a jerk like you. You are an as*h*le...hang the f***ing phone you bast**d and never ever dare to call me again..."
Soon, she realized everyone staring at her and listening to her words. She cut the phone call, put her hands on on face covering her moist eyes...Silence passed...She tried to clean her wet eyes. She took a long breath and tried to relax in the seat by adjusting herself a little...
I was wondering what might have happened with her and all! I looked at her, she was still crying...She was a tall, pretty girl...dark hairs and dark eyes with curved eyebrows....she was wearing jeans and a top...she looked like a college student...I don't know what I thought-I tapped on her shoulder and offered her one earphone...the left one..asking her if she wants to hear some music...!
She didn't think for a second, took one earphone and started listening to the music. I was not expecting this response from her, well not so quick...
"Kal ho na ho",
"Jab koi bat bigad jaye",
"I will never fall in love again",
"Koi fariyaad is dil me",
"Khuda Jaane Ke Mein Fida Ho.."
"Sajade kiye hai"
We heard 6-7 songs from a shuffled playlist all presenting different mood. She seemed to be more relaxed and calmed down at the end of each song...
Finally, we reached our destination "Pune Mahanagar Palika Corporation".
"Everyone, last bus stop, get down fast", conductor screamed, playing his daily role...
She gave me a smile and returned back my earphone. She just said,"Thanks, it helped!!!". She got down from the bus. I stuck in the line inside the bus. In a minute or two I came out...I got down from the front door and started walking to catch the next bus...
And somebody tapped on my shoulder now. It was she. 
"I was waiting for you to get down from the bus", she said.
"Why??" I asked.
"To say thanks again."
"Okay...you are most welcome."
"You are not going to ask me why I was screaming over phone....
.....I interrupted her and said, "Sorry...but I am really getting late..."
"Oops...sorry." she said. "Can I get your number?" she continued.
"Well not now... If the almighty God wants us to meet again, we will meet again...just like now...without exchanging phone numbers...!
Let's see what's written in our fate...and one more thing whatever may be the reason, please don't cry again...you look great with a smile on your face...cya...bye..."
"Bye..." she said....
"Stupid interview call...I have a bad luck, she won't meet me again", I cursed my fate...and started walking again....
to be continued...


Next part of the story - "Sharvika": Dream and the Truth: TwD-2 

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