30 May 2011

Never a smooth road

city road

Previously: In "Why not girls first?"

"... Suddenly I felt someone gently touching my shoulder. It was Arahana.
"I need to talk to you." She said."


I never expected her to be there on the terrace at my Uncle's house. With a little surprise, I looked at her.

What the heck she is doing here? Wasn't she supposed to be there in the kitchen taking cooking lessons from her Aunt OR watching some reality show on tv in the hall? I was thinking.

She was in a pink t-shirt and blue trousers and her short hairs were undone but still looking OK.
"What are you writing?" She questioned.
"Mmm ... nothing ... You were going to say something to me."
She took a pause and a long breath. She released the breath making her nostrils bigger than those were.
"I'm confused. I don't know if I should tell this all to you or not. Maybe this is not the right time. I will talk to you later. Continue your work." She said and she headed to downstairs.
"Wait, Arahana. There is something I want to tell you too!!!"
"OK. Tell me." She climbed back the stairs again.
"But first, what you wanted to talk about?" I asked her.

I had very clear idea of what I was going to tell her after she was done. And,  which was tell her my feelings about her and ask her out. I really liked her and I wanted her to know that. But, what she was going to tell me? She usually does not initiate a conversation. She talks less (well I had heard so). Then what was it? Was she going to ask me out and propose?  I thought of the thoughts I had a few minutes ago but I had no clue of what she was going to say!

She was still thinking, she looked unsure.
I called out her name again. "Arahana, what's it? Is everything OK? You are freaking me out now. Please tell whatever you have in your mind." I did whatever best I could do to make her speak out.
"My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday..."
She dropped the bomb finally!

What the hell!!! Poor me!! What was I daydreaming about, proposing her? Wait, Mr. Romeo. Slow down and be careful - the road is not smooth but bumpy. But, wait, I never knew she had a boyfriend. Yes, she had and now they have broken up. So, is that a warning to stay away or an opportunity to seize? I had a thousand thoughts running through my mind.

Interrupting my thoughts she continued.
"... and ..."
"And what?" I asked with curiosity to know what else was remained then.
With moist eyes and sad voice, she said,
"... and ... I want you to fix this for me. Please contact him and tell him I am sorry. Please, I can't live without him."

Now that was an awkward moment for me.

"Why don't you call him and patch up? He is your boyfriend! Plus, I don't even know him. And, I was not even knowing that you have a boyfriend."
"It's going to be same anyway. He doesn't want to see me again. He is not answering my calls and texts. Please call him." She gave stress on "call him" words.

Well, I was like somebody first call an ambulance for me!!

"OK. I will call him. But, first, you have to tell me in short - how it happened. Tell from the start, everything, from when you two first met to how you landed at this point."
"OK, I will."
I didn't want to go into details. So I managed her to tell me the whole story in half an hour. She did. She gave me his number.
I asked her to go downstairs and relax. And when she went downstairs, I dialed his number.

"Hello, 'Sahil?'" 
"Yes, who is this?"
"Hi, this is Manoj. Arahana's friend. I got something important to talk with you..."

*to be continued*

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