13 June 2011

Into the void

"Hotel Kalpana, 10 AM, this Sunday. I will be coming with Arahana. OK?" I asked.
"Okay..." Sahil said and hanged the phone.

I was looking at my cell phone - thoughtless! It beeped after two seconds showing me the last call charge details - 45 minutes and some seconds, the same number of bucks. It hurt me even more.

How could she possibly be with such a jerk! He sounded rude to me. He wasn't sorry about what he did. Neither he asked about her. Why she loves him so much? How could she bear him?

I went downstairs. Told Arahana about the plan. She seemed happy then. Her eyes glittered.
"Thank you... I knew you could fix this that's why I asked you to call him..." She whispered taking care that no one else at the home could hear a word.

"Not a problem..." I said. That was hard to say!
I wanted to hug her tight and cry and tell her how I feel about her but... that was forbidden... at least for next few days.

"I am going out for recharging my number...." saying so I escaped and came out.

I wanted to be alone... just myself... and not think about anything or anyone. With moist eyes, I looked up in the sky. It was getting darker and the thunderstorm was in its ways. It was about to rain.

I removed my specs to clean the rain drops falling on the glasses. "Everything is clear now! " I said to myself. I recharged my mobile number. I desperately needed a coffee. I went for it in the nearby hotel. I occupied the table in the corner. FM station Radio Mirchi was playing a song from movie "Delhi belly".
"I hate you
Like I love you
I hate you
Like I love you"

I saw a boy wearing a helmet and a girl entering the hotel. They occupied the table next to me. They looked like a couple. I could not see his face as he was still wearing the helmet but I could see her face. She was shivering with cold. And he was taking a good care of her.

I ordered coffee and started looking outside into the void. Sunday was one day away from that day and she was one boyfriend away from me!!!

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