29 August 2011

Black coffee

"You must be 'Manoj'." I heard a firm voice coming from a 6-feet tall body.
"Yes...! Yeah...Saahil? Right?"
"Yep, where is Arahana?"
"She went to the ladies room. Will be back in a minute or two. Please have a seat." I said.
Resting his helmet on the table he put a colorful plastic bag on one of the empty chair.

'Hotel Kalpana' was the best place to meet for three of us. It was near Arahana's college & was also near the hostel where Sahil stayed. We two - 'me and Arahana' reached the hotel at around ten in the morning. When we reached there I texted him asking to join us soon. It was one of the fresh and chilly morning in the rainy season. The Sun was still hiding behind the skies and black clouds were all over my head and fate. We two went there by the bus and then walked a little to reach the hotel.

The irritating noise produced by the friction between the floor and chair when Arahana tried to occupy herself in the chair broked my chain of thoughts and put me back in the ring to face Sahil.

"Hi, Arahana." Sahil started.
"Hie.." She said.
Then we observed a silence for a minute. Every one of us was scanning the menu card.

"Ok lovebirds. Tea, coffee or anything for breakfast?" I made the noise in the silence.
"Nothing. I want..." Both of them said at the same time. Wow! That was quite one voice!!
"Ok... make it 3 coffees please," I asked the waiter.
"One black coffee no sugar," Arahana said in hurry to the waiter.

For a moment I wondered for why she wants a black coffee with no sugar. I looked at her and she gave me a "because-I-am-not-in-mood" look.
The waiter left for coffees and Sahil started again.

Taking out a beautiful bouquet of red roses n white lilies he said to Arahana with twinkling eyes, "For you..."
She took it in one hand but said nothing.
Holding her hand he said, "Look, Arahana...I am sorry. I am sorry for all the things I said to you. I am sorry I shouted at you... I freaked you out. I am sorry for everything I done to you in past few days. I want you in my life... and I can't imagine my life without you..."

Wow! He was actually sounding nice guy at that moment. Clearing the mindset I made about him I was thinking.
Leaving her hand gently he looked at me giving me "thank-you-but-now-get-the-hell-out-of-here" look.
No... he is still a jerk. I reframed him as a rude person again and stopped thinking.
"Ok guys, you carry on. I have to make a phone call. I will be back in some minutes." Saying so I left her into his hands and came out of the hotel.

It has already started raining a little outside. I went to the parking area of the hotel. Thinking of her I took out the cellphone from my jeans pocket. I dialled the number. It started ringing and I cut it. Some minutes passed. And my cell ringed. I picked up the call.

"Hello, did you call sometime ago? I was in the bathroom."

"Sorry, I dialled it accidentally. Will call later."

"Is everthing okay?"

"Yeah...yes...everything is good. I will call you later. Sorry... bye."


I sat on the bench there under a tree in the parking area for some time. After five more minutes I decided to go inside the hotel. Beween I heard a bike making sound. When I looked back I was surprised to see Sahil and Arahana sitting on a bike and making a way through the parking. They soon joined the main street.

I came inside and occupied my place again. The waiter came after half a minute with a bouquet in hand. Handing it over to me he said, "They two asked me to give you this bouquet and this note. They cancelled your previous coffee and but have paid in advance for one more coffee."

I opened the note.

"Thanks dude...

Sahil. :)"

"So, tea or coffee...Sir?" Waiter continued.
"One black coffee with no sugar. And thanks for this...." I thanked him and ordered the black coffee. Now i wanted to taste it out.

It was bitter. But not more bitter than the truth i was swallowing.

Image from http://www.brewed-coffee.com/coffee/coffee-and-antioxidants/

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