17 October 2011

Liar liar

“Hello…” I said in low voice.
“So how is our Romeo doing? Or what I should say- ‘how is our patch-up king doing?’ ” It was CC.
“Shut up. I am fuc*ed up… and I don’t want to talk about it right now, at least not on phone.” I said.
“Ok. I will be there in 10.” CC said.
I hung up.
Meet “CC”. CC is my best buddy. His real name “Chandu” and his girlfriend’s name is “Chandra”. But we call him  “CC”.

After 15 minutes-

“…So tell me, what happened the other day?” CC asked.
I raised my left eyebrow.
“You, Arahana, Sahil? Don’t pretend as if nothing happened.” CC continued. “Tell me what exactly happened the other day.” He asked.
“I don’t know where to start from...” I said.
“Ok. Let’s walk. Let’s walk to the ice-cream parlor. We will talk over an ice cream. You wanna go outside?  Let’s go. I know you haven't been outside your room from last morning.”  Lacing up his shoe he said, “Come”.


“I am taking vanilla flavor. What about you?” CC asked.
“Mango,” I said.
“Ok. One mango and one vanilla - both in cups. Thanks.” He ordered.
And in next 20-30 minutes I told him every single detail about that morning - Arahana, hotel, Sahil, Arahana’s black coffee, flowers, Sahil’s apology to Arahana, my useless phone call to CC, the waiter, bouquet, my bitter - black coffee and my role in patching up things between Arahana and Sahil.
“Hmm… I think one of them is lying. This Sahil thing doesn't sound right to me.” CC said checking if anything is still remaining in his ice cream cup.
“Sahil is not a thing. He is her fuc*ing boyfriend. Arahana loves him, not me. Don’t you get that? I saw her moist eyes when we three were in the hotel and she ordered the black coffee.”
“Wait, was she crying? Why?” CC asked. “I still smell something is wrong. Anyways, give me some time – I will find it out. You better start with studies now.”
“Hmm… Okay. My German shepherd! ”
We both laughed. He paid for ice-creams and we came back to my room.

After 2 weeks-

My phone ringed again.
“Yes. CC. What’s now?” I said.
“Good news bro! Be ready to kick someone’s ass. Looks like I found out who was lying - it’s Sahil. Come to FC road. I am waiting at MGM book store. Be there in 10 minutes.” CC said.
“Sahil? 10 minutes? What happened…?” “Damn!” I said as he already hung up.
I reached FC road. MGM book store. CC was checking every couple that was passing by him.
“I think Sahil is cheating Arahana. He is lying to her. I saw him with a new girl, sitting on a bench over there.”
“She might be his cousin,” I said while taking a look around and searching for the bench.
“No. She isn’t. Why he will sit with cousin putting his arms around her? That too in a public place! ” CC sounded right to me this time.
“Ok. Where are they?” I asked.
“Right over there”. He pointed towards a bench.
“Oh my fuc*ing Lord!” I screamed.
“What happened?” CC asked.
“I have seen that girl in the hotel the other day - the same day when Arahana first told me about Sahil and her. I came to the hotel after that. It was raining that day. And this girl came with a boy who was wearing a helmet…” I continued “…was she with Sahil? Because Sahil came with the similar helmet the other day in hotel Kalpana to meet me and Arahana! Oh my God!"
“Ok. Then let’s catch him red-handed.”  CC said.
We walked towards that bench. CC clicked a photo of the couple using his phone before they notice us.
“Hello Sahil, what’s ...”, I asked as we approached them.

“Hi, I am Chandu…Sahil’s friend.” CC attracted girl’s attention cutting me in the middle of my question.Of course, CC was lying about being a friend of Sahil.

“Hi, I am Shruti. Sahil’s GF.” She said.
Sahil stood up. “Guys, can we talk for 2 minutes? Alone?” He said.
“Alone? Why? We can discuss here. No Shruti?” I continued. “Hi... I am Manoj.”
Sahil’s face turned red when CC asked him. “Do Arahana know about this?”
“What? Yeah…yes, she knows.” Sahil said in a lower and reluctant voice.
“Who is Arahana?” Shruti asked. Anger and awe in her words and on her face.
“Arahana is Sahil’s other girlfriend,” I said.
“What? She is Sahil’s girlfriend?” “Is this true Sahil?” Shruti asked Sahil in a raised pitch. Her face turning red.
“Shruti, I can explain...”, Sahil’s tone was apologetic and guilty.
“So it’s true, you can explain...explain what? My foot! I am leaving. Bye. Next time you talk to me, be ready for a slap,” she shouted with the explicit rate.
She left stamping her feet. Her purse was shining as she was walking.
“Bye, Sahil...” CC said and he signaled me to leave.
We left. I looked back once. Sahil was sitting on a bench. Alone. He was talking to someone on phone.
“You need to go and catch Arahana as early as possible,” CC said.
“Thanks a lot, CC,” I said to him, smiling.
“Always!” He said with a mischievous smile.

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