05 December 2011

Connected dots - Happy ending or Happy beginning

As I expected Arahana was not there at downstairs. I found her on the terrace; she was looking at the sky that was carrying dark clouds.
“Hey, what are you doing here alone?” I asked.
She turned her head as she heard my voice. The wind was forcing her hairs to stick to her face. What a calm, peaceful and beautiful face that was!
“When did you come?” She asked me and ignored my question.
“Just came from FC road. Sahil was …”
“…Sahil called already!” Cutting my sentence in the middle she said. And she looked at the skies again.
We kept silence for some seconds.

“I am sorry…” we both said sorry at the same time.
“Why you are saying sorry? You did nothing. It’s not your fault.” I asked her.
“Look it’s not like what it looks like…” She said.
“What you mean?” I asked.
“Sahil did not cheat on me. And he was not lying to me.” She said.
“But, I saw him with his other girlfriend ‘Shruti’.” I continued.
“She is the only girlfriend Sahil have. I was never his girlfriend and will never be.” She said.
“What you mean by that. You cried for him the other day. You asked me to patch things between you two. If you were never a girlfriend of him then what was that? A drama?”
“Yes. Drama. A big lie. I lied to you. Sahil was never my boyfriend. He is just a friend of mine. I planned this thing. I dragged Sahil into this. And I dragged you too. This whole Sahil thing was a drama…”
Why would you do this to me? Why fu**ing me?” I asked her in a raised and shaking voice.
“…because. Because I like you…” She said in a firm voice.
“What? You are crazy! Is this your next lie or a next scene in the drama?” I asked her.
“No, it is not a lie this time. I really like you.” She said.
“Unbelievable!” I said. My legs started shaking. Sitting on one of the stairs I continued. “…and all this time you kept on pretending to be Sahil’s girlfriend and played with my emotions? How easily you acted as if it’s not a drama but a fu**king real story…”

Again, we both kept silence for some time.

“I am sorry.” Sitting beside me and holding my hand she said.
“If you really like me, then why this drama?” I asked her separating her hand from my hand.
“I read you diary long time ago. Sorry…! And then I came to know about you like me, and, the way you look at me - I knew you love me. Slowly, I started thinking about you. I thought someday you will tell me about your feelings for me but you didn’t. Then one day I thought why not make this dull life interesting by planning this whole thing. And also, I thought that after going through this whole thing you will know ki what it like is to lose me. And you will never leave me for someone else. You will be mine for forever….” She continued “…and believe me; it was hard, really hard to act. When I saw you and Sahil together in the hotel, for a moment I thought what the hell I am doing. I knew you like me, you love me. And I also knew that I was falling in for you. And I did not want to hurt you. But to complete the play I started I swallowed the tears that I created for myself and ordered black coffee. I never had a black coffee before that day…I was such an idiot. I ended up in hurting you instead and lost you and your respect…I hurt Shruti...I am sorry…” And she started crying.
“Hey, look at me…” I said in a soft voice touching her chin.
“I am sorry…” She said looking at me.
“...Shu-uu. Don’t cry now.” I said it and hugged her. She wrapped her arms around me tightly.
“I don’t know what I should say now. You hurt me to be with me! So being mad at you doesn’t make any point. And I don’t want to lose you. I love you...!” I finally said those words to her.
“I love you too,” Arahana said and tears rolled down her face.
I tried to wipe those and kissed her forehead and hugged her again.
“You are a good actor. You should be in a daily soap. Should I call Ekta Kapoor?” I whispered in her ears.
She smiled and said “Yep…! But before that, we need to call Shruti and tell her the whole story.”
“Yeah, right!” I said.

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  1. I have stumbled up on your blog to read your last chapter...the happy ending. Wow..its a celebration day for Arahana and for me i have yet to read the entire series from the beginning to know how Arahana because of her playfulness played a little drama to cause that distance between them.

  2. Thank you Elvirah for your such a sweet comment. I am glad you liked the story. You can find links to ' ALL POSTS UNDER STORY - "ARAHANA" ' on the right hand sidebar. Well, sometimes some drama and playfulness is necessary to build strong bonds. :)


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