02 June 2012

Catch me if you can!

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8 PM. Pune. I was passing by the City Wedding Hall on busy Paud road. The Titan showroom and the Ford showroom near the wedding hall were glowing with the lights. I never saw such a beautiful electrical light decoration on the city wedding hall's buildings before. Buildings had to glow that day. Because it was a special day. Special day, not for me, but for the local MLA whose son was getting married that day. It must have been a really royal kind of wedding and celebrations going on inside. But, at that time all my hungry soul could think about was food. I thought about the delicious food that would have been there on the menu, then looked at the colorful glowing lights, adjusted my specs once and continued walking. 

I looked at the wide road that goes to the parking area of the wedding hall. I could see many shining vehicles parked to fit into the big wedding. I knew there must have been a lot of black money behind all those big beautiful cream colored shiny cars. I turned my head from left and and crossed the big gate of the hall. I passed the first speed-breaker near the gate. I walked for like thirty seconds and crossed another speed-breaker. And after another thirty seconds of walk another speed-breaker. I was just about to cross the third speed-breaker but I had to pause and turn and look back because I heard some fast moving vehicle blowing horn. 

It was a two wheeler by the way. I tried to look at it through my specs. I could see two girls, two helmets!

Two girls were riding that scooty; the one sitting at back was showing a middle finger to the watchman whom I saw coming out of the big gate of City Wedding Hall. He ran like for ten seconds, stopped, turned back and started running back again towards the hall. The girls crossed the second speed-breaker, felt a jerk, slowed down a little bit and again caught speed. Within some seconds they were some feet away from the third speed-breaker. The girl at front was blowing horn continuously and then the girl sitting back started screaming at everyone coming in her way. 

"Get off my road you dumb-ass." 

I heard her saying so to me. I saw her, I saw the evil laugh on her scared face through her helmet. I sensed something was wrong, seriously wrong! But I wasn't surprised at her words because I was watching ‘two of them’ from past few seconds. I realized they had to slow down then otherwise they would fell down from their seat. And soon they! Their scooty jumped off the speed-breaker and when the tires touched the road again, scooty slid off, girls fell off from the scooty on the left side of the road near the speed breaker. The dark road that goes to the nearby dark lane was shining in with the headlight and the left indicator of scooty. I ran towards them. Both of them were in three-fourth jeans. One of them was in a sleeveless top and other one was wearing a red t-shirt. The girl who was sitting back was now cursing the girl who was driving.

"Bitch, you can't even drive safely once. I was saying let me drive but you didn't let me drive. Now move your fat-ass fast and stand up." Saying so she tried to stand up but she couldn’t.

I reached to them. I helped the girl at front to stand up. Holding my hand she stood up. Her hand was shivering with pain. As she stood up I looked at the other girl who still was trying her best to stand up on her own. But she couldn’t. It looked like her 'dumb-ass' was really hurt badly. Poor bitch! She looked at me and said, 'What muhurat you are waiting for? Gimme your hand... fast... ouch!' 

I helped her standing up. The scooty was still lying on the road. I turned off the indicator, made it stand straight and parked on the left side of road. Two of them must have started feeling the pain by that time. The girl sitting behind removed her helmet and said to the other girl in furious sound, 'Hurry up bitch, start the fucking scooty again. We have to escape again and catch the speed before police comes and catches us.' I could see her sweaty face in the yellow street lights. She looked a little scared, a little, certainly not more scared.

‘Oh hell, no! I just heard the siren of police van.’  The other girl who was riding the scooty spoke for very first time in this whole time. She was still wearing the helmet.

‘Why don’t two of you hide in some parking area at some building from this dark lane. Very few people go there. I will just stand here like nothing happened. And if policeman asks me about you two I will tell them that I didn't saw any girls like you.’ 
Finally I said something, something senseful I guess.

The two of them looked at each other, looked at me. The girl in helmet said, ‘That sounds like a plan. And looks like we don’t have any choice now.’ Saying so she walked up to scooty and moved it towards the dark lane. I helped her moving her scooty by pushing it from behind. The two soon disappeared in the dark lane.

Within next few seconds I could hear and see the police van passing me by. Thank God, it didn't stop near me. 
‘I am too easy to ignore I guess.’ I said to myself and looked at the dark lane. 
I walked up to the dark lane. I never knew why the roads in that lane had no lights at all. Some people said it had many illegal constructions there so officials cut all basic facilities from that area, and stopped builders before the buildings were sold out. So, anyways, back to darkness. I walked a little. I didn't know where they were hiding. But they must have been somewhere near. I didn't know their names, so I couldn't call out their names. As I walked a little more, I saw them.

‘Did the police van pass? Is it safe now?’ The girl in helmet asked me coming out of from the parking area of the roughly constructed building.
‘Yes. The van passed. Thankfully it didn't stopped near me, so I didn't have to lie. It is safe now, safe enough to remove your helmet.’ I said.
She laughed and removed her helmet.
'Sharvika? Oh my goodness! Is that you?' I said as she removed her helmet.
'Oh. Not again! Not another one!' The other girl said. 'How many boys in this city know your sis and call you by her name?' She asked to the girl whom I just called Sharvika.
'God knows Priti!' The girl in helmet said. 'And listen, I am not Sharvika! I am her younger sister. And how the heck you know her?' She asked me.
'We met in the bus some days ago in last rainy season...' I said.
'Don't say you are Manoj...' Priti asked.
'Yes. I am Manoj.' Okay, this was getting interesting! I said to myself. 'But, tell me why were you running off, why police was looking for you?' I asked them.
'That's quite of a drama and story.' Sharvika's sister said.
'Well, I can listen.' I said.
'OK. I don't talk a lot with strangers but just because Sharvika knows you and you helped us, I will tell you the scene in short.' She said and continued. 'Priti is my cousin. She and the MLA's son who is getting married today were in same college. And they were in a relationship. To get her he lied many times and made up many promises which he never kept. He said he will marry her. But he didn't. He is marrying a daughter of another MLA. He said his father forced him to marry this girl to save his political legacy alive. Son of a bitch! Priti was so depressed and upset with this. So we planned a thing, we went to the wedding and when got a chance we grabbed microphone, revealed the true face of MLA's son in front of media, threw shoe at him and ran away from there. We have had set everything in the wedding hall for a safe escape. Almost twelve of our friends are there inside the wedding hall whom nobody knows. They helped us to do this and escape out from there. And so we are here!'
'Wow! You really got guts!' I said making big eyes. 'Who else besides your friends knew this? Did you arranged media too?' I asked.
'Nobody except our friends know this. And now you know it too! And yeah, we arranged some staff from media.' Sharvika's sister said.
'Ohk! I am sorry Priti, it did not worked out for you guys. But at least you know he was not the one who will stand by you and hold your hand and never let you go.' I said.
'Yeah! Coward! Son of a bitch!' Priti was abusing him with all possible *bad words she knew.

'What's your name by the way?' I asked Sharvika's sister.
'Oh yeah! I am Aditi'. Aditi said. 
'I wonder why Sharvika never mentioned you before!' I said.
'Actually we were really not good fans of each other! Till today!' Aditi said.
'What you mean by till today? She sounded sweet when she talked with me. And does she know about this?' I asked.
'Ha-ha. Sweet and Sharvika? We were always jealous of each other and always used to fight. But after what she has done in last few days to make our cousin Priti happy, I am not jealous of her anymore. I feel proud about her. I got the best sis in the world. Let me tell you, this whole ruining wedding thing was her plan!' She said.
'Wow! So where is the mastermind now?' I asked.
'Okay! You two! Enough of her now. It's my day. Shouldn't you two be focusing on me?' Priti said and giggled.
'She is in the wedding hall with other friends of us. They all will leave the hall one by one very soon.' Aditi said. 'And I think we two should leave now. Right Priti?' She continued.
'Yeah!' Priti said.
Aditi started the scooty. Priti sat at back carefully. What a day for Priti - he hurt her heart; she hurt herself. Both badly.
'Thanks, bye and good night.' said Aditi.
'Good night, go slow, and Priti take care, you will find the right guy soon.' I said.
She smiled. Her eyes were moist.

I dialed Sharvika's number.
'Hello, Mastermind! How's the wedding?' I asked her.
'How the heck you know I am attending the wedding?'
'I told ya, they call me Bond!' I said.
'Ha-ha! Okay Mr. Bond where are you?' She asked.
'Some feet away from the wedding hall. Wanna meet?'
'Yeah! I am on my way.' She said.
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