03 September 2012

Maybe... someday

She sneezed in a row. Thrice! And then she tried searching for a handkerchief in her purse.

'I forgot my hankie..' She said. 

'You OK? No tissues?' I asked her. 

'Yeah, I am fine. No tissue papers at the moment.' Checking her purse again she said.

'Here it is, use this. It's a new one and unused.' Offering her my hankie I said. 

'Thanks...!' I heard a different voice of hers as she was cleaning her nose with my hankie.

When she was done, she asked, 'You don't want this back, right?' 

'You can keep it.' I said smiling. 

She laughed and said, 'I am gonna keep it for now and I am gonna throw it away when I reach home.' 

'OK, as you wish.' I said. 
'A guy carrying a hankie, the new one, clean and unused! Quite rare but nice!! Thanks again.'  She said.
'Thanks. You noticed!' I said. 
She smiled.

I wished someday she notices more of me - may be she will notice that I am the guy who also is carrying a heart that beats for her every single time. Maybe, someday she will notice that!
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