13 October 2013

The Rainbow of Relationship

“He might be a good guy but he does not talk much, and look at me, I am too bubbly. I always talk too much. We two have nothing in common. We will never fit right for each other, never!” She said in a sad voice and with a gloomy face. 

“Dear, as someone has said, 'Relationship is not about finding out similarities between you and your partner, but it is about knowing & living complementing those differences.' 

I will say the same. 'So what if he does not talk a much, he might be a good listener. Some people take time to open up their hearts, their feelings to someone. It might be the same case with him. 

See, honey, every relationship is like a rainbow. And no one can have all the colors to color that rainbow. If you are rain, he is the sunlight. If you got four colors, he might be having remaining three colors, and with these different colors you can color the rainbow of your relationship. Differences will make otherwise dull life interesting, colorful. 

Nature made each human being unique. Each fingerprint unique. It is hard to find the person who will have same qualities, likes, dislikes, interests and habits like you. And, if you are searching for same person as you, you will be alone forever. 

So, know his likes, dislikes, habits. Some things might match and some won't. But that doesn't mean you will never fit right together. Together you bring colors into each other's life and make the rainbow of your relationship colorful.” I said. 

She smiled finally. “Thanks dear.”

The Rainbow of Relationship

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