10 December 2013

She loves you more, she says!

She loves you more, she says!There is nothing warmer than the tight hug from the girl you love. It is the warmest feeling when she wraps her arms around your body when you are shivering with cold. She takes care of you when you need it the most, and you do take care of her all the time. When you two are inside the same blanket, and when she uses your left arm as a pillow sometimes, and she tosses and turns restlessly flipping her side. You too turn your head in her direction and wrap your body around her from behind. You look into her eyes and she smiles. She sleeps after some time, you are still awake, looking your angel sleeping peacefully for hours. Your arm doesn't ache even after hours. Her soft hair touching your arm is the sweetest cure for the arm ache if it does ache. And when she complains about a headache, you press her forehead gently for countless times. And sometimes she goes to sleep without eating anything during her periods, and then she wakes up in the midnight with pain and holds your hand on her stomach for some minutes. And then she asks you to bring her a glass of warm milk in the midnight, and you do bring it for her adding a spoon of sugar. Every time she coughs your lungs feels pain. She knows this, you know this. And, she hugs you when she needs your warmth.

And when you two are inside the same blanket, in a cozy bed on some winter night - you want to move your hand on her body, and she wants the same from you. And your blanket makes noise with your moving hand. She feels tickles, she feels love, she blushes. You get goosebumps, you feel warmness, you feel love, you blush. You two make love. The clothes are making noise, obstacles, she says. She wants you to undress her slowly, you do the same. There does not stay a single cotton thread between you two, and then the hug brings new magic with it. Soft kisses, tight hugs and breathtaking moments - all that she wants, and all that you want. She wants your long fingers to reach every mile of her body, it's a never-ending road she says. She deliberately brings your hand to all the places she wants and she wants you to do the next moves and explore her. It's a never-ending path, you always like to explore you say. And sometimes she refuses to get undressed, but she likes your fingers sliding inside her clothes, so she says. Every time you kiss her she closes her eyes, and she trusts you with whatever you doing. She likes to feel every kiss as lovely and passionate as her first kiss, and she turns you into a perfect kisser. It's not the magic of moving lips and tongues she says but the love moving in your heart for her.

She asks you hundreds of time the same question - 'Do I look fat?'. You always say - 'No, you don't look fat. You look beautiful darling!', and you put a kiss on her lips before she could react to your answer. She pushes you back gently, showing fake anger and says - 'Liar, you are lying. I know I have gained a little weight but I know you love me more!'. You pull her in your arms again, and she hugs you tight. She loves it when you play with her curves, she feels tickling love. All that makes me tickle is your love baby, she says. And sometimes she sleeps with her hairs untied, spread all over the pillow. And sometimes she moves around you in your bed so that her dark hair will fall and move on your face. Her hair smells great, you kiss her hair and run your fingers through her hair. And then you run your fingers on her forehead, cheeks, and her soft, wet lips. And, sometimes she bites your finger, she bites it hard. And in return you bite her all over her body leaving the love-bites, making her blush every time she feels the slight pain when something touches those love-bites. Love is a constant source of pain and pleasure she says.

You forget all the pain you once had in your life, so does she. Her being there with you is everything for you. And you loving only her, with all emotions in your heart is everything for her. She makes you complete, you make me complete she says. Your world revolves around her, you are my world she says. You love her endlessly, she loves you more she says!

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