14 February 2014

You will always be the one for me!


I know your inbox must be flooding with messages today, 
I also know you don't wish to see even a single msg from me in your inbox. :(

I know that I don't need a Valentine's Day to convey my feelings to you (which I have already expressed to you). Because, I believe love is not meant to be celebrated or expressed only today. It is a lifetime commitment to be made and followed.

But, still I can't resist myself from wishing you today. I can not stop trying because I will never give up on you, even when knowing that you don't even think of me as a friend.

I know how hard to get rejected in love, 
I know how hard it is not to get and not to be with the person you love the most.

So, here I am wishing for you from my heart - 
"May you get the love of your life & may you get to be with your love on each coming day. May you get the love from the one you like and love the most.

Happy Valentine's Day!" 

I wish nothing for me but your happiness.

PS: You have, you are and you will always be the one for me! ♡

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