27 September 2014

You are a nice guy but...

You are a nice guy but“You are a nice guy but...”
You are one of those unlucky guys if you have heard this from a girl at least once in your life - “You are a nice guy but...”
“... But what – you love being with assholes?”

This reaction sounds rude but that's often the ugly truth in the story. If a girl starts giving an excuse starting with “You are a nice guy but...”, that would be the lamest excuse a girl will give to reject your proposal. It doesn't matter if you are truly in love with her or not, she is definitely not telling you the truth.
The truth here would be - “I don't like you that way.” or “You are not my type”. But she will declare you as a nice guy, act as a bitch and push you away for some asshole. She will leave you in a confusion by not stating the truth. She will put you in a dilemma, and you will start thinking if you were such a nice guy, why she was not so into you? Is she a bad girl or does she really like someone who is not nice.

Here are some more lame excuses girls gave to boys when rejecting a boy's proposal or when dumping him. 

1. “You will find a good girl, forget me...”
"Forget you? Really? I waited for you months and some years and finally when I tell you about how I feel for you, this is what I get in an answer?
Maybe I don't want a good girl. You are already best for me. You don't have to pretend that you are not good for me. Just tell the truth that you don't like and leave.
I don't force you to like me, so you can't force me to forget you."

2. “You were the one I wanted to have children with but...”
"... But what – you loved sleeping around?"

No comments on this. A single line from the boy single in a relationship is enough!

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