07 October 2014

We are sold off to...

Read write talk date love
This nasty world is damn full of all types of businesses, and every one of us is selling some or other thing. We bath, we dress, we eat, we speak, we love, we hate, we work, we earn, we spend, we buy, we sell, we all do some or same damn business throughout our life. We sell a truth by lying, we buy a lie truthfully or vice-versa.

In the life we have spent till now: We have sold off – our “time” to social networks, where we dedicate ourselves to sign in and out of numerous social networks, check in and out of every place we visit. We spend hours reading notifications, commenting and liking every piece of damn good or ROFL or so cute stuff we hardly read or watch twice.
No wonder we don't remember what our hobbies were or when we spent time over those hobbies for the last time.

We have sold off – our “privacy” to our cellphones, where we hold our all good and bad stuff and all our dirty little or giant secrets, and, we are continuously granting access to all damn permissions needed to reveal our identities to any applications we install.
When was the last time we told our friend a secret and when he or she shared with us his or her secret?

We have sold off – our “money” to ecommerce websites, where we spend without thinking, unwisely falling in for so called deals and offers. Saving in our credit card information online, typing in access codes and OTPs (One Time Passwords), we are tracking and waiting for our delivery parcels to arrive.
Remember the times when our mother gave us a ten rupee note with four folds, and the ice-cream we bought with that money or the brand new hundred rupee notes our dad gave us to get new shoes we always wanted to kick football with? And, when was the last time we bought something for our parents?

We have sold off – our “friendship” to lousy friends, the ones who don't even call us back in years. All the time we spent with our friends, all of the pacts we made, all the secrets we hold about each others, all the crushes we talked about – what happened to those? Was all that time a waste of our time? When do we got so busy in our lives and offices and work to forget about friends. When do our friends lost a touch with us?
How many of them called us in for their weddings? How many of them we are going to call in for our wedding?

We have sold off – our “love” to unfaithful lovers, the ones who never loved us back equally. Those innocent crushes, that gradual realization of being in love with someone, all those years we waited for true love to arrive. And, what that true love got us into – a mess? A mess full of lies, broken promises, unfaithful acts, heartless emotions?
The last thing we wanted to sell off – our hearts, and we sold it off, too easily, to the ones who never deserved it, as they rightly said to us some or other time.
What's left there to sell off now? The child in us or the wild in us? What will happen to us? We are busy knocking doors at located thousand miles away from us through internet, when will find out who lives in our neighbourhood? We are allowing access to our lives to whole world via internet and cellphones, when will we talk with a friend and empty our heart to ease the burden of tension we are carrying. We are spending in thousands of bucks online, when we will stop, think for a while, keep some amount aside and will donate to some good cause or charity? We are busy with our work, we have to be busy, but when we gonna call an old friend and crash land his house to give him a surprise visit? We are busy finding a date online, when will we ask out a boy or a girl we have a secret crush on?

Be it a wearable smart-watch or a wall-clock, the ticking clock is selling time when we are busy deciding about which one to buy from a pile of deals and offers it is advertised about.

Live the life to the fullest – do read, do write, do converse, do talk, do date, do love. And don't get sold off to false deals, cheap lovers and lousy friends!


  1. Prajakta Mistry08 October, 2014 00:03

    Manoj ... This is so well said and so true.


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