19 November 2014

Life is unfair

Life is unfair when you love her for more than six years, when she knows it for more than four years, and when you can't even make it to be friends with her no matter how hard you try with no matter what good intentions!

Life is unfair when you take months to find those correct words that describe how you feel about her, and when she thinks scantily for a few hours and swipes away all the words you said to her.

Life is unfair when she declares you as a good guy and disdains you saying she doesn't want to hurt you anymore, and when saying so she leaves your heart with the wounds for a lifetime!

Life is unfair when it's always the gentle and sensitive heart that gets hurt, and when it's always the person who is truehearted gets betrayed!

Life is unfair when all you want in this world is to love her, and when all she wants from you is to leave her alone!

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