12 September 2015

Will you give me a chance to start it over again?

Image source: http://www.mrwallpaper.com/woman-flower-petals-dress-wallpaper/
Last night I had a dream. 

I saw you walking alone on some unknown road. You were wearing a half sleeve backless white colored dress. It looked like a christian wedding gown. You were walking alone with a bunch of red roses in your hand. And you were removing rose petals off the roses and throwing those on the ground.

When I saw you, I called out your name but you probably didn't listen or maybe you decided to ignore me. You kept on walking, so I decided to ignore your ignorance about me. I tried chasing you on a dark black tarred road with greenery on both sides. You in your own world, were walking fast, even in the wedding gown that you wore. Your dress glittered, it shined. Some white birds flew over the road, it felt like they sung a song and words rhymed. Your skin was shining in that backless dress as you walked, and, I felt like I was walking in the clouds chasing an angel.

And when I finally chased you down by walking faster and tried to speak with you, you stopped for a while.
"Where are you going?" I asked with curiosity.
"Somewhere I don't belong. But it's too late to question everything now." You said. "You could have tried it harder, you could have walked faster," you continued as you pulled out your magic wand out of nowhere and pointed it at me. 
"You can start it over again," you said and you closed your eyes.
And within a moment I found myself back to the square one, in the same place from where I began your chase.

I started chasing you again. This time I was walking faster than the previous time. I was almost running towards you. And when I chased you down again, you looked at me, you smiled in a weird way. It felt like you were crying out inside. You came close to me.
"Where are you going?" I asked you again.
"Somewhere I don't belong." Saying so you smiled again and your voice turned heavy. You pulled out your magic wand again and pointed it at me.
"Take this wand with you. A time might come in future, when I will come chasing you down. And, maybe then you should point this at me and ask me to try harder. Will you do that for me? Will you give me a chance to start it over again?" You asked me.

You closed your moist eyes again, and within a moment, I saw you walking a mile ahead of me and your wand was in my hand.

I was standing on the road, alone, thinking about you - my angel, thinking about the question you asked - "Will you give me a chance to start it over again?"

09 September 2015

It's just you who knows how you feel!

It's just you who knows how you feel!
It's probably just you who go through all ups, downs, and sufferings in love, and no one else can understand that. It's just you who knows how hard it is to give up on someone who is so close to your heart. 

Your friends or family might console you for a while but they will never understand what you are really going through. They will never understand how difficult it is to think about someone else when they ask you to stop thinking about someone you loved for and dreamed of for years. And when you have invested so much time thinking about him or her, even simply thought of thinking about someone else makes you feel guilty.

And, then sometimes you don't understand what's right and what's wrong. You don't know what should you do next - give up on someone you hold onto for a long time or give a thought about someone else.

Probably it's just you who understands you or maybe it's not even you! 
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