14 February 2016

When You Are With Me, Every Day Is Valentine's Day

when-you-are-with-me-every-day-is-valentines-dayChocolates, coffee and red roses;
Hugs, pouts and selfie poses.” 
It's Valentine's day!

“Darling, will you be there for me always and not just today?” 
She asks, before pouting her lips, taking a picture with him.

“I want to marry you,
I want to carry your sorrows on my shoulders, 
And share my happiness with you,
I want to be your comfort,
I will be there for you every single day,
No matter how things go bad,
I will always make things fine,
I will change all the dates for you my love,
And will make every single day - 'Valentine'!” 
He replies, hugging her, as he whispers his promising words into her ears.

And, with the red roses in her hand, like the dark chocolates, she melts into his love, blissfully.

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