31 December 2016

2016 is over, 2017 is here, somebody kiss me!

Well, well, well, 2016 is so over and the whole world is excited to welcome itself into 2017.

I am sitting in a well-furnished hall of a rented flat in a wonderful area located Pune, wondering about when I am going to kiss someone I love when the clock struck the very first second of the new year. Just like yet another year, I will probably end up watching the Friends episode where Chandler was desperately saying on the new year's eve, 'Somebody kiss me, it's midnight, somebody kiss me...'. 

I will probably laugh at his situation, forgetting mine and slowly sleep into the night.

image from: http://www.hollywood.com/movies/people-having-a-worse-nye-than-you-60227750/

While the world is overexcited about the new year, I am not quite sure if I am excited about it. Nothing great happened in 2016 for me. So, I am not expecting great from 2017. As somebody has said, I am going to expect less from the new year to be happier in 2017.

Let's see how it goes, haywire or hey there... Happy New Year 2017!

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