01 January 2017

First day of 2017, a sickening start

So the new year 2017 began, and I could barely speak today. My throat was jammed, not because I partied the whole night and cried loud with the crowd on the DJ songs, but, because of the seasonal viral throat infection. So I started my day in the morning by gargling for a while with warm salted water. That gave me a relief for say two minutes? Nah, not really, maybe two hours.

Then made myself steamy two cups of tea and sipped it on, resting in a comfy chair for a while, and started reading a book. After some time, I warmed up for few minutes and went on to the kitchen. While I made `kanda-poha` for the second Sunday in a row, the electric heater boiled the water for the bath. Once the `kanda-poha` was ready, instead of clicking a photo and Instagramming it, I decided to eat it right away. Weird, no?

I cleaned up the room and the washroom and had a nice bath afterward. Once I was back from the bath, I treated myself a fantastic Marvel movie 'Captain America: Civil War 2016'. It was a pleasure to watch all those superheroes working in absolutely non-superheroic co-ordination, like a bunch of losers!

Two other important things I would like to mention I did today were -
1. removed my work email account from my so-called smartphone, so that I won't constantly check for new work related emails
2. what was the second one? Damn you smartphone, you have made me dumb!

One more probably non-significant thing I did today was - (by mistake) I wished a girl, who by the way said a big 'No' to be my significant other. I sent her a forwarded new year wishes pic on WhatsApp. She didn't wait for an hour and fast-forwarded time to reply me back. By the way, she said no to me not because she didn't love me but because she did like and love someone else, you know. And, that someone else and she were deeply, madly, crazily in love or so I heard of. And, by the way, that boy got married a month ago. What happened to his mad, crazy, deep love for her I don't know, I never heard of. Even animals get to choose each other, but these human herd I say, they have a lot of conditions to satisfy before getting married for a hell of a lifetime. Anyway, I sent her back two smilies, and she didn't' smile back. Com'on gimme a break! He was the one who put you on the break!

Then I sat for a while and gave my life a serious thought for three minutes seventeen seconds, and decided to watch an animated movie.

Meanwhile, during entire day I got new year messages from three dozen people and I replied back to all of them, you know. I couldn't let them feel that they are alone, I just can't! It's a heavy feeling you know.

That pretty much sums up my very first day in the new year 2017, expect I didn't tell you that I went out for a coffee, had my favorite dinner and did not watch any of the stupid news channels!

See ya, tomorrow! Happy new year 2017!

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