19 July 2017

Ruminating birthday thoughts

happy bday to me

  • When you are single, only good thing about your 29th birthday is that you are not 30 yet. 

  • Seven years and that one girl never wished you on your birthday, and the eighth year she wishes, she is not yours.

  • Consider yourself lucky if people remember your birthday when you are alive.

  • You should forgive all married friends who don't wish you on your birthday. You know, dead people don't wish anyone, not with a smiley face.

  • Best friends are those who are more excited on your birthday than you, not because they like you but to have one more free party meal.

Relationships, marriage:
  • The only good thing about being single is you save all the trouble of going through one more breakup.

  • Your true happy wedding will the one you don't attend. That will make both of you happy, for forever.

  • The best year to get married will be printed on your wedding card.

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