23 July 2017

She moved on

Minutes passed like a day,
And day passed like a week.

Forehead, hair,
Lips or cheek,

I remembered her words when we kissed,
Take your pick.

We hardly spoke,
We texted less.

I tried more,
She tried less.

Cuteness ran away,
Her love faded.

Fate laughed at me,
Tears eye shaded.

Some more gloomy days passed.

I grew hair,
She had new haircuts.

Her parties continued,
I skipped college trips.

She attended all of her friend's birthday parties,
I skipped all of my friend’s birthday parties.

I worried much,
She cared less.

I gave up on trying,
She never tried.

She changed, she was a different person,
I tried changing myself, I couldn’t.

I tried changing her back, I couldn't,
She didn’t want to, she didn’t want me to.

I kept calling her, she didn’t pick.
She changed her numbers, she didn’t share until next few weeks.

Love hurts, stop loving, she said,
The heart loves, keep loving, I said.

What was my life but a mess,
She moved on, one boyfriend less.

Days stressed, nights stretched,
My own bed, refused me sleep.

She took me mountains high, pushed me off the cliff,
Wished me luck, as I fell down, the valley deep.

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